or rather,
what is
Bibi Bachtadze?

How does one pronounce it and where does it come from? And why such a complicated name?


All these questions arise before one has even tried to say the label’s name for the first time. Finding all this interest to be essentially a good thing, designer and protagonist Anna Schäfer smiles quietly over this.

“BIBI BACHTADZE” is both a proper noun and a pseudonym. BACHTADZE is the given name of Georgian designer and founder Anna Schäfer, whereas BIBI is a nickname she received shortly after moving to Berlin early on in her youth. The symbiosis of the past, of the history of both these names, has become her present. It is this fusion of cultures which has ultimately shaped her.

Or, in the words of Anna Schäfer, the artist: “BACHTADZE is my foundation, my deep roots. The constant and ever-returning part of me. The omnipresent character of my past. BIBI is the fanciful, empathetic and visionary side. It is a crown towering in the sky which catches every fresh breath of wind. One could say that BIBI BACHTADZE is the authentic expression – my own trademark, my being and at the same time the reflection of the time in which I live and have lived.”

“BIBI BACHTADZE” dresses are a tribute to femininity, an expression of admiration for the mysterious gender who can be simultaneously strong and fragile, innocent yet so amazingly seductive, coldblooded and so caring…

A being that is so magnetically attractive but at the same time so intimidating, denying and forbidding. An anomaly whose opposites unite and reconcile within itself.